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Our mission to speed the transition to a low-carbon future relies on the collective power of people. Now, a generous supporter has offered to match up to $15,000. With your help, we could raise up to $30,000 for clean energy.

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The climate progress we make over the next decade will determine our climate fate. $30,000 is an enormous boost to Green Energy Consumers' efforts to:

  • Push Massachusetts Governor Baker to improve his Clean Energy & Climate Plan to reduce emissions at least 50% by 2030
  • Rally Rhode Island to raise its Renewable Energy Standard, which dictates how much renewable energy must be in our electricity, to 100% by 2030
  • Coach more towns to adopt Green Municipal Aggregation, which empowers communities to put more renewable energy onto the grid than required by state law
  • Watchdog a strong Transportation Climate Initiative that serves everyone with cleaner transport options
  • Reach more potential electric car drivers and dealerships through our Drive Green program


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We're a non-profit driving change in energy consumer behavior and public policy with a simple plan: Educate people. Activate practical, climate-friendly choices in their lives. Influence policymakers with our collective power.