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We have a goal to gain 50 Super Sustainers for our climate advocacy and consumer programming by the end of 2020. We're almost halfway there. Will you be part of it?

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Become a Super Sustainer by choosing to give monthly in any amount. One-time contributions in any amount are also greatly appreciated.

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Our mission to speed the transition to a low-carbon future relies on the collective power of people -- to build new renewable sources; save energy on peak days; drive down prices on electric cars, and more. That's why getting 50 Super Sustainers matters more to us than raising a lump sum of money. You can:

  1. Become a monthly donor. Give just $10 a month (or more if you can).
  2. Give what you can. If monthly giving isn't possible or preferable for you, any one-time gift, no matter how small it may seem, is welcome and appreciated.
  3. Share the Super Sustainers campaign with family and friends via email or social media.

Sasha N, Super Sustainer
"Thank you for spreading the word about electric vehicles, heat pumps, and home insulation and for advocating our governments to encourage the rapid adoption of these technologies. I’m proud to support Green Energy Consumers!"  — Sasha N., Super Sustainer


Donor Impact

Where it's needed
Priscilla and Yaima, greener communities team, with the Hull turbine

Support our programs, our staff, and our operations by choosing to give where it's needed most. You'll ensure that our priority initiatives stay strong:

Greener communities: In 2015, we began teaching cities and towns how to choose more local renewable electricity for their community. Today, we are directly providing additional renewable energy to residents and businesses in 15 communities and that number is growing.

Electric vehicles (EVs): There is no way to reach 2030 emissions reductions goals without switching vehicles off petroleum and onto electricity. Through Drive Green, we've put hundreds of EVs on the road, but it's clear that significant public education is needed to go further.

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stop the pipeline

The climate progress we make over the next decade will truly determine the next thirty years. Support our policy team as they continue to hold policymakers accountable to climate mandates at the state and local levels.

And although Governor Baker announced a mandate of net-zero by 2050, we will be pushing Massachusetts to establish a strong and enforceable greenhouse gas reduction target for 2030. Meanwhile, Governor Raimondo and the Department of Environmental Management have expressed support for stronger emissions goals, and we'll hold them to it. Learn more about our advocacy.

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Wind development
New England Wind Fund

Through our New England Wind Fund, donors have supported the development of about twenty wind turbines in our region, mostly in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. And in the coming years, offshore wind is coming, and we want to be there to support it.

80% of donations to New England Wind Fund go directly to leverage contracts with wind generators. The remainder supports our costs of managing the program and educating people about wind power. Learn more.

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