Getting to 100% green electricity in Rhode Island

Offshore wind will play a big role in RI's transition. Can we keep up?
Online webinar

Rhode Island residents & businesses could have 100% green electricity by 2030, but we need to pass crucial legislation to make it happen.

Bills S0629 and H5762 (sponsored by Senate President Ruggerio and Representative Ruggiero) would update Rhode Island’s existing Renewable Energy Standard (RES), a law which requires the utility company to buy a gradually increasing percentage of electricity from renewable sources. The current RES would mean Rhode Islanders would receive 30% renewable electricity by 2030—but we can do a lot better.

Planned renewable energy development, including 400 MW of offshore wind from the Revolution Wind Project and 600 MW from an offshore wind procurement announced last fall, would be able to get our electricity to 82% renewable by 2030. Updating the Renewable Energy Standard will ensure a market for these crucial offshore wind projects while capturing the benefits of clean energy for Rhode Islanders. Good legislation can also close the small gap and get us to 100% by 2030.

Join this webinar to learn all about the Renewable Energy Standard and how we can get to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

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