Heating System Replacement

hands on heater

If you're like most households in the northeast, you heat with oil or gas and have had your heating system for 10+ years. Replacing your heating system is costly. Planning ahead can save you considerable amount of money! You may be wondering whether you could save money AND help save the planet with newer heating technology options.

In this webinar, we’ll compare costs and environmental impacts of various options, with particular attention to the question of whether a heat pump might be right for you.  With nearly 40 years of experience assisting tens of thousands of members to save energy, money, and the environment to answer your top questions.

-How can I find out how well my heating system is working?
-How do I keep my system running efficiently and my home as comfortable as possible?
-When does it make sense to switch my heating system?
-What are my options for getting off fossil fuels for heat?
-How do oil, gas, and heat pumps compare?
-How do I find out about the costs and rebates for replacing my heating system?