Polluting peaks and how to avoid them

save electricity when it matters most
Online webinar

Summer is coming, which means it's time to Shave the Peak!
"Shaving the peak" refers to when savvy commercial and/or residential consumers collectively and deliberately use less electricity at the hottest times of the hottest days of summer. You too can shave the peak... but why would you want to?

Because when it's really hot and everyone cranks the A/C, the demand activates expensive and dirty "peaker plants," heavily polluting our air and hiking up our electricity rates for the rest of the ensuing 12 months.

Join us for a webinar about peak demand, plus policy solutions and personal actions you can take to shave the peak. We'll also explain the current situation with the "Peabody Peaker" plant, a dangerous fossil-fueled peaker proposed for Peabody, Massachusetts that we and many others oppose.

You'll be empowered by this webinar whether you're new to the concept of shaving the peak, or familiar with it and hoping to learn more about the future of our electric grid.

Note: 7:30pm re-run of this webinar has been canceled. RSVP for 12pm session below.

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