Spring Meeting: Facing the Climate Challenge in RI

spring meeting
Online - Zoom

At this year’s annual Spring Meeting, we’re celebrating Rhode Island’s commitment to facing the climate challenge and building a green economy. Governor McKee signed the Act on Climate, which will cut the state's greenhouse-gas emissions to 45% by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. The door is now wide open for even more climate progress.

Join us online on May 18th at noon to talk about the possibilities as the state advances toward a carbon-free future. You can explore different ways that Rhode Islanders are addressing climate change by participating in one of three breakout groups. Choose the group that interests you most!


Green Electricity for Entire Ocean State Communities

We pioneered the concept of using community choice electricity to add new renewable energy beyond what state law requires, enabling communities to provide cleaner, more affordable electricity to residents and small businesses. Our model is flourishing! Find out which Rhode Island communities are making progress, and let’s talk about where we can go from here.


Electric Vehicles & Sustainable Transportation in RI

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a critical and very large piece of the climate action puzzle. Discuss where the market is going and learn more about policies, like the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI), that Rhode Island needs to implement to reduce transportation emissions.


The Nexus Between Labor & Climate Policy: Green Jobs for Rhode Islanders

In early 2021, a coalition of labor and environmental organizations named Climate Jobs Rhode Island came to establish a Just Transition to a Green Economy in Rhode Island. The group already played a key role in securing the recent passage of the Act On Climate legislation that sets mandatory and economy-wide emission reduction targets and requires the state to include labor standards and environmental justice in its planning. Join a conversation about the importance of this partnership.

spring meeting