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Use energy more efficiently at home to save money. Then, invest those savings in sustainable improvements to cut down on harmful pollution that threatens our health, economy, and community. We'll show you how.

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Energy efficiency

  •  Top tips to lower your bills

    Top tips to lower your bills

    We’ve taken our wealth of energy efficiency expertise and boiled it down into the top 10 most impactful energy efficiency steps you can take in your home.

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  • Energy efficiency for renters

    Efficiency for renters

    Do you rent? You can still improve your home’s energy efficiency – on your own and by working with your landlord. Check out our recommended steps.

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  • More efficiency resources

    More energy efficiency resources

    Still hungry for energy efficiency info? We can help! Keep reading about efficiency strategies for your home and properties. Plus, find links to other resources from our partners.

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  • Man in front of wind turbine bases

    Learn about Class 1 renewable energy

    Green Energy Consumers matches your electricity usage with Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard qualified “Class 1” Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from projects within New England to ensure that your purchase is truly helping to get more renewable energy on the power grid. Not sure what that means? We’ve laid it all out here.

    Why it works
  • Solar with EnergySage

    Consider solar for your roof

    Compare quotes online from vetted installers through EnergySage.

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  • How switching works

    Join our green power program

    You can "green" your electricity usage by making the switch to local, renewable energy. We'll match your electricity consumption by bringing renewable energy onto the New England power grid on your behalf. Your participation helps develop more renewable energy in New England and displace fossil fuels from our electric grid.

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  • let's all work together

    Use electricity when it's the greenest

    Get alerts to save energy when it matters the most

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Electric Vehicles


  • Discount heating oil service delivery

    Heating oil 101

    Heat with oil? Not sure how everything works? Check out our guide to common market practices and local services for home heating oil.

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  • Man installing heat pump

    Heat pumps

    Unlike traditional heating systems that burn fuel to generate heat, a heat pump uses electricity to move heat into or out of a building. This transfer of heat, rather than combustion, makes heat pumps a highly efficient option for heating or cooling your home.

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  • Discount heating oil

    Get a discount on oil

    Our Heating Oil Service works like a buyers club or co-op for home heating oil and is available to most households in Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. We use the group buying power of our 10,000+ members to negotiate a discounted price per gallon with vetted oil dealers every day of the year, and we help you with energy efficiency too!

    How it works
  • Consider biodiesel

    Consider biodiesel

    Just as we negotiate the price per gallon for traditional heating oil, we have negotiated a discounted price per gallon on biodiesel, which is better for the environment and your oil burner. Anyone who heats with oil can participate! Our dealers blend 20% biodiesel with 80% regular heating oil to make a fuel blend suitable for any oil boiler.

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