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Use energy more efficiently at home to save money. Then, invest those savings in sustainable improvements to cut down on harmful pollution that threatens our health, economy, and community. We'll show you how.

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Energy efficiency

  •  Top tips to lower your bills

    Top tips to lower your bills

    We’ve taken our wealth of energy efficiency expertise and boiled it down into the top 10 most impactful energy efficiency steps you can take in your home.

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  • Energy efficiency for renters

    Efficiency for renters

    Do you rent? You can still improve your home’s energy efficiency – on your own and by working with your landlord. Check out our recommended steps.

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  • More efficiency resources

    More energy efficiency resources

    Still hungry for energy efficiency info? We can help! Keep reading about efficiency strategies for your home and properties. Plus, find links to other resources from our partners.

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  • Solar with EnergySage

    Consider solar for your roof

    Compare quotes online from vetted installers through EnergySage.

    Learn more about installing solar
  • in the future, solar can come to the rescue on peak days, but we still need to conserve

    Use electricity when it's the greenest

    Get alerts to save energy when the grid is at its dirtiest.

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Electric Vehicles

  • EV charging

    Introduction to EVs

    Your next car should be electric. It's more practical than you think to switch away from gas. We'll demystify rebates and incentives in Massachusetts, charging, range, and more. The more you know, the more you'll want one!

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  • Change

    Costs & Rebates

    It is cheaper to drive a mile on electricity than it is to drive a mile on gasoline and electricity prices are much less volatile than gas prices. Though your electricity costs will go up if you’re charging your EV at home, your gas costs will go down by more.

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  • plant

    Environment & Health

    Electric vehicles are a great choice for the environment. EVs are much cleaner than gas-powered cars, which is good news for our climate and for our health.

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  • Heat pump install

    Heat pumps

    Unlike traditional heating systems that burn fuel to generate heat, a heat pump uses electricity to move heat into or out of a building. This transfer of heat, rather than combustion, makes heat pumps a highly efficient option for heating or cooling your home.

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  • Heating Oil Service

    Heating Oil Service

    Our heating oil program offers discounts on oil through a local full-service dealer, and helps you use less in the most cost-effective and practical ways possible. We'll advise you on ways to save money and lower your carbon footprint.

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