Drive Green helps 500 drivers go electric. You’re next.

Date: January 4, 2019

Thinking about an electric car? The Massachusetts state MOR-EV electric vehicle rebate changed as of January 1st, and the $7500 federal tax credit is due to start ramping down for General Motors vehicles in April, but our Drive Green program will continue to offer significant discounts on an increasing variety of electric vehicles (EVs).

Drive Green, designed to offer educational resources, test-drives, and discounts on electric cars, has officially helped get more than 500 EVs on the road – cutting down on unhealthy greenhouse gas emissions and saving 500 drivers money. Previously available only in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we’re now expanding Drive Green to parts of upstate New York on behalf of National Grid, and to Westchester County in partnership with the non-profit Sustainable Westchester!

The Drive Green website has a ton of new information on charging, winter driving, public health, vehicle efficiency, and more. An increasing number of local dealerships are offering Drive Green discounts to buy or lease, and the types of cars available are expanding as well – from mini-vans to crossovers with 4 wheel drive.

Your next car should be electric. We want to help. Get started at