Mandatory GHG Targets

Mandatory Emissions Reduction in RI

The Resilient RI greenhouse gas reduction targets don't go far enough: we need an enforceable mandate to meet our climate mitigation goals.


In 2014, the Resilient Rhode Rhode Island Act set unenforced targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 10% by 2020, 45% by 2035, and 80% by 2050. The proposed Rhode Island Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) would add targets for 2025 and 2045, increase the 2035 target to 50%, and make the targets mandatory and enforceable. In 2018, Green Energy Consumers supported the GWSA’s introduction in the RI General Assembly (Senate Bill 2747 and House Bill 7827).

Progress updates

Green Energy Consumers testified in support of Senate Bill 2747 in the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee.

Green Energy Consumers testified in support of House Bill 7827 in the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee.