Energize Rhode Island Act

Energize Rhode Island Act

By putting a fair price on carbon pollution, Rhode Island could cut down on greenhouse gas emissions while investing in its clean energy economy.


How do we shift our economy away from dirty, expensive, and dangerous fossil fuels and towards clean energy? One solution is to put a fair, real price on carbon pollution. The Energize RI Act accounts for the carbon pollution in our energy system by putting a fee on fossil fuels at the first point of sale. The resulting revenue goes towards protecting vulnerable groups from the impact of higher energy prices and investing in clean energy and climate resilience. Economic models suggest that the Energize RI Act would reduce the state's carbon emissions in line with our greenhouse gas emissions reductions goals while creating jobs and growing the economy. 

Green Energy Consumers joined the leadership team of the EnergizeRI Coalition, the campaign behind the Energize RI Act, in summer of 2015. We have helped shape the policy and direction of the campaign ever since. Our Rhode Island Director, Priscilla De La Cruz, is currently a co-chair of the leadership team. 

EnergizeRI Coalition

Green Energy Consumers is a proud member of the EnergizeRI Coalition Leadership Team. Take action, read the one pagers, or donate to the carbon pricing campaign efforts on the Energize website!

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Progress updates

The 2018 legislative session wrapped up without passage of the Energize RI Act. However, we saw a number of steps forward this year: legislators demonstrated significantly more knowledge about carbon pricing than past years, our bill made it very close to the floor in the Senate, and the House bill saw a strategic decision not to have a hearing. During the rest of 2018, the Energize RI Coalition will prepare for the 2019 Legislative Session.

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Green Energy Consumers testified in support of the 2018 Energize RI bill (S2188) in the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee. Read our comments here.

The EnergizeRI Coalition kicked off a new campaign with updated and improved legislation at a press conference at the State House. Read about our new legislation here, and read about our press conference, conducted in tandem with the Carbon Costs Coalition, here.

Although the Energize RI Act did not pass this session, a bill to study opportunities for carbon pricing in RI did pass and will move to the Governor's desk. Green Energy Consumers will advocate for full implementation of carbon pricing next session.

Green Energy Consumers testified in support of H5369 in the House Finance Committee. 

The EnergizeRI Act (S0365) had a successful hearing the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee. Dozens of supporters, including Green Energy Consumers, provided written and verbal testimony. 

The EnergizeRI Coalition kicked off the 2017 campaign for the Energize RI Act with a bill introduction at the State House. This year's bill will be known as H5369 in the House (lead sponsor: Rep. Aaron Regunberg) and S0365 in the Senate (lead sponsor: Sen. Jeanine Calkin).

The 2016 legislative session concluded without passage of H7325. Over the next year, Green Energy Consumers and our allies in the EnergizeRI Coalition will work to educate lawmakers and our community on the need for a fair price on carbon to lay the foundation for a strong showing for the Energize RI Act in both the House and Senate.

The Energize RI Act of 2016 (H7325) is heard in the House Environment and Agriculture Committee. Green Energy Consumers testifies in support.

The Energize RI: Clean Energy Investment and Carbon Pricing Act of 2016 was introduced in the House by sponsor Rep. Aaron Regunberg.