Appliance Efficiency Standards

Appliance Efficiency Standards (MA)

Appliance standards are one of the easiest ways to help consumers conserve energy and save money, but Massachusetts' standards are way out of date.


Efficient appliances are great for consumers because they save residents and businesses money on their electricity bills while reducing carbon pollution. Appliance standards ensure that all available products meet minimum efficiency standards for modern technology. But our appliance efficiency standards haven't been updated in over a decade, and, because federal policymakers aren't stepping up to strengthen our appliance standards, it's up to the states.

In Massachusetts, we're advocating for legislation that mandates improved standards for plumbing equipment, computers, monitors, food services, and other products. Similar standards bills recently passed in Vermont and are in progress in Washington, Rhode Island, and elsewhere; Green Energy Consumers works with our partners at the Appliance Standards Awareness Project and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, among others, to raise awareness about the importance of standards as a money-saving, emissions-reducing tool. 

During the 2017/2018 legislative session, Rep. Frank Smizik introduced appliance standards in the Massachusetts General Court as H3404.

Progress updates

Although Appliance Efficiency Standards made significant progress this year, they did not make it through Conference Committee proceedings. At the last minute, they were left out of the final energy bill produced by the Conference Committee led by Sen. Michael Barrett and Rep. Thomas Golden. Green Energy Consumers will advocate for updates to the Massachusetts efficiency standards in the next legislative session.

The Appliance Efficiency Standards bill passes the House as H4737. It will now go back to the Senate for passage before entering conference committee proceedings.

H3404 makes progress! It is sent to the House Ways and Means committee for consideration.

Check out our recent blog post on the importance of appliance standards: "Appliance Standards: the Mightiest Energy Saver You've Never Heard of."

Green Energy Consumers held a joint briefing with allies at the State House to inform legislators of the benefits of appliance efficiency standards.

Green Energy Consumers testified in favor of H3404 in a hearing in the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities, and Energy.