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Heat & Cool with Heat Pumps: Better For Climate & Healthier for Your Home

With our educational resources and through referrals to excellent local programs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we'll help you research and shop for high efficiency heat pump equipment.

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Video: The CleanHeat Rhode Island program/Heat Pumps 101


One system for home heating and cooling

Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling through the same system. In homes with more than one indoor head, homeowners can have more precise control over the temperature in various parts of their homes.

  • Potential energy bill savings - Highly efficient. Heat pumps will provide significant savings over electric resistance and are likely to be cost-effective compared to propane and oil heat, but they may be more expensive to operate than gas heat. Heat pumps are much more efficient than window air conditioners.
  • Greener energy - Heat pumps use electricity, and our electric grid is getting cleaner every year. Replacing all or part of your heating needs with a high-efficiency heat pumps will reduce your home's greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • Air quality and safety - Heat pumps filter and dehumidify air, improving indoor air quality and comfort. Unlike gas, oil, and propane equipment, heat pumps emit no combustion gases, and carry no risk of combustion.

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