Green Powered

You switch to green electricity. We all get a cleaner grid.

Green Powered is Endorsed By

Mass Audubon
Mother's Out Front
Save The Bay
clean water action
sierra club

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How it works

Map of clean energy that members support

Clean energy resources supported by Green Powered members.

How much it costs

Green Powered 100%

Your electricity comes from: 

100% wind power from New England wind turbines (Class 1)

Price per kWh you use: 

Average home pays $23/month. 3.8 cents/kWh (in addition to your normal electricity charges)

Green Powered 25%

Your electricity comes from: 

25% mix of New England wind, solar, hydro, and anaerobic digestor gas (Class 1)

Price per kWh you use: 

Average home pays $14/month. 2.2 cents/kWh (in addition to your normal electricity charges)

Community Choice Electricity

Your electricity comes from: 

Your town may offer a local program with a mix of wind, solar, hydro, and digester gas via Green Powered. Most offer 50% & 100% options.

Price per kWh you use: 

If your community is on this list, you can find pricing information on their website (provided on the list).

Tax benefit

Although it is an additional cost on top of what your already pay for electricity, your payments for Green Powered (and Community Choice Electricity programs supplied by Green Energy Consumers Alliance) are considered a public good and are 100% federally tax-deductible.

2023 Tax Receipts

If you're a Green Powered (or GreenUp) member, a New England Wind Fund donor, or you are enrolled in certain Community Choice Electricity programs, you make monthly payments (either as part of your electric bill or separate from it, depending on the option you are enrolled in) that we use to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates on your behalf. This adds more renewable energy to the New England electric grid, and is considered to be in the interest of the public good. THANK YOU! 

Your payments for additional renewable energy are federally tax-deductible as charitable contributions if you itemize.

How to get your tax receipt

Green Powered 25%, 30%, 100%, Subscription members (and also New England Wind Fund, Advocacy, Unrestricted, & Oil Bank donors): Visit and log-in. If you've never logged in before, click "Find My Account." Once logged in, click on "Donations" in the top center of the page. You may download a copy of your tax receipt there.

Community Choice Electricity Program members: Visit to find out if your community's residents are eligible for a tax receipt, and under what conditions. Click the green buttons to advance in order to request & receive your tax receipt by email. It takes 3-5 minutes.