Your solar options

We refer members to EnergySage, where it's free, easy, and anonymous to compare solar quotes online, then save money on installation.

Benefit from solar whether you own or rent.

We know that researching solar can be intimidating due to the complexity and cost of solar installations. Get started by comparing your options through the EnergySage platform, an independent web interface designed to make choosing a solar installer as easy as booking a flight online.

You can read our review of EnergySage, but here are just a few of the reasons we love them.

  • Free, quick and easy registration: answer a few questions and estimate or upload your electric bill and you’re all set to start getting quotes.
  • Privacy: you don’t have to share your contact info with any of the installers.
  • Competitive pricing: National Renewable Energy Labs (NREL) has documented 10-20% savings when you get quotes through an independent quote aggregator like EnergySage, instead of just calling solar installers separately. We have verified that our own members have saved money by going through EnergySage.
  • Apples-to-apples presentation: EnergySage sets the assumptions and criteria for the installers so you can easily compare quotes.
  • Free, informed assistance: EnergySage's solar advisers are always available to walk you through the quotes, sharing their expertise on technology, installer's track records, financing, and incentives.
  • Information on community solar: You can save money through solar net-metering credits on a community solar installation. EnergySage will help you navigate your options.

Ask EnergySage

December 10th, 2021: Green Energy Consumers hosts Jim Sicord, Solar Advisor at EnergySage, to answer common questions about choosing solar. In the first 30 minutes, we cover how the EnergySage solar shopping portal works. In the second half, we take Q&A and talk about your roof, community solar, competitive electricity suppliers, how to reach a neutral solar advisor at EnergySage, and more.

EnergySage offers great information. Get started on your research by registering now.