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You make green choices at home. Do the same at work.

Help your office make energy choices that support clean energy.

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    Learn about Class 1 renewable energy

    Green Energy Consumers matches your electricity usage with Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard qualified “Class 1” Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from projects within New England to ensure that your purchase is truly helping to get more renewable energy on the power grid. Not sure what that means? We’ve laid it all out here.

    Why it works
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    Switch your office to renewable electricity

    You can "green" your office’s electricity usage by making the switch to local, renewable energy. We'll replace what you take off the electric grid with renewable energy from our local green power facilities.

    How it works
  • Solar

    Consider solar for your office's roof

    Green Energy Consumers and EnergySage have teamed up to help you get highly competitive pricing to put solar panels on your home. The EnergySage Marketplace allows you to compare standardized quotes from vetted solar installers without any sales pressure.

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Electric Vehicles

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    Electrify your business

    As a business and a place of employment, there are several things you can do to replace more gas-powered cars with electric vehicles. You can:
    1. Install charging for use by your employees and/or customers
    2. Purchase electric vehicles for your own fleet
    3. Host educational events for your employees to encourage them to make the switch
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