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We can estimate how much you’re likely to save by becoming a member. With your zip and the name of your current oil dealer, we can send you an email confirming if your current dealer participates in our discount program and what our average member price is in your area.

Note, some dealers listed in the drop-down menu below do not participate in our Heating Oil Service. In those cases, you would need to switch to one of our participating dealers to be eligible for our discounted price.

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Market commentary

Over the past year we’ve certainly seen a wild ride for oil prices. Last Spring, oil futures actually went negative, with supply far exceeding demand. In just one year, we saw an entire cycle of oil prices that usually take years to play out.

After the pandemic-instilled price crash last winter, our average member price per gallon at the start this winter’s heating season was almost a dollar lower than the previous year. Our Massachusetts average price on September 17, 2019 was $2.76. A year later it was $1.76.

Today’s prices are still less than what they were before the pandemic. Since early November, the market rose about 80 cents a gallon before we saw a tiny bit of a correction in mid-March. 

Oil prices are typically a roller coaster ride for Green Energy Consumer Alliance members as we follow the ups and downs of the wholesale market. This “dollar cost averaging” approach has consistently brought our members significant savings over time.

In the last few years, Green Energy members have had only a few days, in October of 2018, when prices reached $3.00 per gallon. In contrast, the Massachusetts survey average was over $3.00 for the vast majority of 2018 and 2019. While we’re not in the business of predicting prices, what we see from the oil market commentary suggests $3.00 heating oil for Green Energy Consumers members isn’t very likely this season.


Our staff people are ready to help with any questions. Call us at (617) 397-5199, or email us at hello@greenenergyconsumers.org. If you're already a member, you can log in and check your dealer's member price at https://myaccount.greenenergyconsumers.org. If you have not yet used that site, click on "forgot password" to create your login credentials linked to the email address we have on file for you.

How do our prices compare?

Massachusetts' latest price survey of full-service dealers (published weekly September-March), on Thursday, June 17, posted an average price per gallon of $2.83, with a high price of $4.31 and a low of $2.25. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Massachusetts that day was $2.65 per gallon, for a savings of 18 cents per gallon.

Rhode Island's latest survey price, on Monday, May 3, was $2.73. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Rhode Island that day was $2.45, for a savings of 28 cents per gallon. 

In New Hampshire, the survey for Wednesday, June 9, was $2.69, while our average prompt-pay price there was $2.55, for a savings of 14 cents per gallon.

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  • Jenny Silverman and Bob Follansbee

    Jenny Silverman and Bob Follansbee

    We have been members of Green Energy Consumers Alliance for more years than we can remember. We appreciate the discount, and get great service from our provider. We are also committed to supporting Green Energy for its leadership role in promoting clean energy, and helping us save the planet

  • Lauren and Patricia

    Lauren T & Patricia S

    When we first purchased a house with oil heat, we did deep research and found Green Energy Consumers. On our first delivery, we recouped our membership fee vs. paying the cost quoted by the local dealer. We love that we have a local dealer for oil and service, but also that we can save money and… Read more

  • Susan

    Susan S

    In 2006, as oil prices began to climb, I decided to try out Green Energy Consumers. Twelve years later, I am still a member! One reason I have remained a Green Energy Consumers member is the quality of the staff. Whenever I’ve had questions, they have responded quickly and professionally. As far… Read more