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If you live in Massachusetts

  • Get your community involved in green municipal aggregation (GMA)

    Since 1997, Massachusetts state law allows a city or town to choose the electricity supplier for residents and businesses within that municipality. This is called GMA or community choice aggregation. A community can take the opportunity offered by GMA to increase the renewable energy content of their electricity supply above and beyond what is required by Massachusetts state law (using Mass Energy’s MA Class I RECS).

Our policy priorities

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The transition to a safe climate begins with more people united for a low-carbon future.

We advocate on behalf of our vast community of savvy energy consumers for progressive clean energy policies, energy efficiency, and the growth of renewable resources across New England.

Why we're advocates

To speed the transition to a low-carbon future.

To speed the transition to a low-carbon future.

Harnessing the power and experiences of our community of savvy energy consumers, we work closely with partners like Conservation Law Foundation, Mass Audubon, Mothers Out Front, and Clean Water Action to shape energy policy for a safe climate.

To make energy clean & affordable.

To make energy clean & affordable.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island are national leaders in energy efficiency, and are home to some of the most ambitious climate policies in the country. Green Energy Consumers holds our lawmakers accountable for enacting and implementing excellent energy policy to protect the consumers of our home states.

Our supporters are critically important.

To give our participants a voice.

Our growing community of 9,000 Green Power supporters, 6,000 donors, 1,000 Drive Green participants, 1,500 Shave the Peak subscribers, and 11,000 heating oil service members make us an influential advocate with legislators and decision-makers.

Add your voice by making green energy choices.

We are proud members of:

Green Justice Coalition

Green Justice Coalition

Ensuring the ‘Green Economy' includes everyone!

Mass Power Forward

Mass Power Forward

Urging policymakers to power forward with energy solutions that are accountable to our communities, our environment, and our future.

Global Warming Solutions Project

Global Warming Solutions Project

Facilitating and maximizing the implementation of the Global Warming Solutions Act.


Northeast Clean Energy Council

Building a network of clean energy businesses and organizations in the Northeast.

Environment Council of Rhode Island

Environment Council of Rhode Island

Developing and advocating for policies and laws that protect and enhance RI’s environment.

EnergizeRI Coalition

EnergizeRI Leadership Team

Working to pass legislation to put a price on carbon pollution in the Rhode Island General Assembly.