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Will you be one of 25 new monthly sustainers for fiscal year 2025? Join up as a monthly donor in June to support our climate work for the next year. You can also make a one-time contribution to support our mission.

Become a monthly donor

We're proud to empower consumers and communities to speed a just transition to a zero-carbon world. All donations help us accomplish our free education, programs, and advocacy for climate action in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, but monthly donors are especially crucial to our growth. Become a monthly donor today or give once to support our mission.

Here's why 3 of our current monthly sustainers give!

Daria M.

Daria M.

"We support Green Energy Consumers Alliance because we want them to do the important work of making EVs available and accessible to more people, bringing heat pumps to the masses, and making clean electricity available to individuals and whole cities and towns at once. Our monthly donation is important because it gives stability to Green Energy Consumers to keep doing the hard work. We donate like our children's lives depend on it - because they do. "

O'Gara Pratt family on camping trip

The O'Gara Pratt Family

"Green Energy Consumers Alliance has been helping our family for decades first, with affordable oil, then with the switch to green electricity and EVs. They consistently provide trustworthy information and effective programs that make it easy for us to reduce our carbon footprint, and we appreciate that! They’re a resource we (and the planet) simply can’t do without! "

Dennis M.

Dennis M.

"You bring me thoughtful webinars to help educate me on new energy systems, reach out to my legislators to help craft meaningful change in our communities, and most importantly have made amazing progress in renewable energy aggregation helping to improve the costs of wind and solar power. I can’t think of a better organization to support as I look forward to a greener future."

With respect to energy, we are trusted throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 


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We're a non-profit driving change in energy consumer behavior and public policy with a simple plan: Educate people. Activate practical, climate-friendly choices in their lives. Influence policymakers with our collective power.