About Green Energy Consumers

who we are

We help people, communities, and policymakers make greener, smarter energy decisions.


Beware: spam robo calls

Please beware! Spam robo calls selling green energy products in our name are NOT coming from Green Energy Consumers. If you are a victim, please report these calls to your local Attorney General's office.

Who we are and what we believe

we believe

Our mission: to harness our power as energy consumers to speed the transition to a low-carbon future.

Our choices as energy consumers are crucial to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and to shaping and enacting public policy that protects people and the environment.

Green Energy Consumers' programs allow people to explore cost-effective, green solutions to their energy needs and to advance state policy toward electrification, renewable energy, grid modernization, and climate justice.


Accountability and transparency for donors and participants are some of our key commitments.

What we do

what we do


We are committed to consumers empowerment. Positioned as an honest broker between people and energy services, we offer trustworthy information and insight on electric cars, renewable energy, clean heating, and more.


We aggregate the buying power of energy consumers to activate sustainable choices in their lives, championing their needs, interests, & ideals.


Our decades of providing climate-forward policy insight are uniquely grounded in the lived experiences of our energy programming participants and energy service partners.

How we do it

We research the latest energy technology developments, maintain relationships with various energy vendors, and employ a team to develop, run, and publicize pilot and permanent buying groups for green energy products. We use the powerful data from our programs and the voices of our participants to influence legislators toward climate-driven public policy.

Our programs:

推动绿色驾驶 了解电动汽车并获得关于转换的支持



Our work empowering New Englanders to make green energy choices and usher in climate-focused public policy is fueled by donors.

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