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Electric motors do not require any regular maintenance, so switching from a gas guzzler to an EV offers significant savings in service. The average EV driver saves $4,600 in lifetime maintenance and repair.

For all-electric vehicles, gone is the need for oil changes and inspection of spark plugs, timing belts, or any of the other hundreds of moving parts of an internal combustion engine. Individually, each oil change might only cost $30 and take an hour, but in the aggregate, the time and money it takes to maintain a combustion engine vehicle adds up.

EVs are still vulnerable to physical problems like uneven tire wear or jammed air filters in the HVAC system. But the simplicity of electric vehicle powertrains ensures that EV drivers will be able to spend less time and money dealing with mechanics. And you can even expect brake pads to last much longer than on a comparable gas-powered car, thanks to regenerative braking systems that reduce wear and increase efficiency.






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