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This learning tool helps you figure out which make & model would be best for you and may be available in your area, at what price. Provide your email before you enter so we can assist you with other helpful information on buying pre-owned.

How it works:

  • Browse makes and models generally available in New England at this time.
  • Use sort & filter on the left to narrow down cars you want, then you can shop for them on other car-buying sites or at dealerships.
  • Prices listed are averages from Kelley Blue Book’s “Fair Purchase Price.” Age, mileage, and condition of a particular vehicle will impact price.

Drive Green makes choosing an electric car easier. Research, compare, and buy or lease electric cars.


  • Babette


    Chevy Volt

    I just recently combined two of Green Energy Consumers' programs: 1) signed up for Green Powered 100% and 2) leased a Chevy Volt via the Drive Green program. I was driving and it occurred to me… Read more

  • Kevin


    Chevy Bolt

    We want to thank the Drive Green program for making our Chevy Bolt EV purchase easy and haggle-free. The Drive Green discounts (in addition to the state MOR-EV rebate) really gave us the extra… Read more

  • Mark D.

    Mark D.

    Kia Soul EV

    The Drive Green site was a great resource for EV shopping. As a member of the Drive Green program, the dealer was well trained on the car and since the price was already arranged, the visit to the… Read more

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