In Electric Vehicle Target States You Can Buy a New Bolt, Ioniq, or Leaf For Under $20K

Date: June 19, 2019
Author: John Goreham

Battery electric vehicles are much more affordable than many might assume. New 2019 model year battery-electric vehicles are available in electric vehicle target states from coast to coast for under $20K including incentives and the federal tax deduction. These include highly-rated models like the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf, and Hyundai Ioniq. All of these three models cost consumers about half of what the least expensive Tesla Model 3 offered in Mass. costs owners. We know because we visited Tesla's Massachusetts showroom in March and crunched the numbers with a Tesla sales associate.

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Drive Green Electric Vehicle Pricing
In East-Coast EV target states like Massachusetts and Rhode Island, the states have organized EV-friendly dealers. The dealers post the prices - along with the fine print - on the Drive Green website. Drive Green is part of the Green Energy Consumers Alliance. Its mission is to help people make the most of green energy and putting them into zero-emissions cars is one way they achieve the goal.

Chevy Bolt Price Under $20K


Drive Green Chevy Bolt Pricing
The Bolt is offered in two trims. LT and Premier. The final price after the Mass. state rebate, federal tax deduction, and the best local dealer discount is just $19,545. Seven Mass. Chevy dealers are offering heavy discounts on the Bolt in June. If you prefer the amenities offered by the Bolt Premier, the best price is $23,830. Both are an amazing value for the Bolt. Both trims have an all-EV range of 238 miles.

New Nissan Leaf $15K


Drive Green Nissan Leaf Pricing
Is $20K a bit above your total budget? Not to worry, the Nissan Leaf S is available in Rhode Island for just $17,875 after incentives. The upscale SV is priced at $19,917 and the fully-loaded Leaf SL (just like the one we recently tested and loved) is priced at $25,330. Note that these are the Leafs with the standard range battery. They rated for 150 miles of all-EV range. Note also that recent college grads and Military members can deduct another $1,000 off this price.

Hyundai ioniq under $20K prices


Drive Green Hyundai Ioniq Pricing
Looking for a new design? Check out the Hyundai Ioniq. Drive Green has dealer pricing for the Ioniq EV starting at $19,997. That price includes free charging from for life by the solar array at Myrak Hyundai in Arlington (like all of its EVs do). There is no financing requirement, and the price even includes the destination fee.

California EV Prices
California has a substantial EV rebate program. The California site is a little less user-friendly, but for those who qualify, the savings are substantial. California is not alone. Many other states offer incentives to buyers of EVs.