Avg Price (MA) Sept. 29: $1.80/Gallon

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Lauren & Patricia, members from Maynard, MA

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Market commentary

The global coronavirus pandemic cut oil prices by almost 50% between late February and late April. Since then prices have rebounded some, but our member price this Fall is still about 80 cents less than last year at this time. Lower consumption due to the pandemic, paired with the pre-existing market forces of overproduction and high inventory levels globally, continue to hold down prices for consumers.

All our oil dealers continue to work through the current situation with a healthy workforce and continued deliveries being their top priorities. If you need service, they will work with you to minimize personal contact with the technician.

Our staff people are ready to help with any questions. Call us at (617) 397-5199, or email us at hello@greenenergycosumers.org. If you're already a member, you can log in and check your dealer's member price at https://myaccount.greenenergyconsumers.org. If you have not yet used that site, click on "forgot password" to create your login credentials linked to the email address we have on file for you.

How do our prices compare?

Massachusetts' latest price survey of full-service dealers (published weekly September-March), on Monday, Sept. 21, posted an average price per gallon of $2.11, with a high price of $3.95 and a low of $1.46. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Massachusetts that day was $1.81 per gallon on average, for a savings of 30 cents per gallon.

Rhode Island's latest survey price, on Tuesday, Sept. 7, $1.94. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Rhode Island that day was $1.75, for a savings of 19 cents per gallon.

And in New Hampshire, the survey for Wednesday, Sept. 9, was $1.97, while our average prompt-pay price there was $1.67, for a savings of 30 cents.

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