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Who is Smart Touch Energy and how are they different from Green Energy Consumers Alliance?

Smart Touch Energy is a company with experienced management that has been serving heating oil customers via the Internet for over a decade. They provide a convenient online service for ordering heating oil. Orders are placed online and deliveries are made by a local dealer within their network. Payment is made up front, just like any other online store, by using major credit or debit cards. Deliveries are made within 3 business days after placing the order under normal and operational weather conditions.

Mass Energy is a nonprofit organization that works to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable. Our Discount Heating Oil Service strives to provide the best oil service we can find and a fair price that is consistently 15-30 cents less per gallon (better in recent years!) than the statewide average for full-service oil dealers. We also advocate for good statewide energy policy, offer green electricity options, and provide heating assistance for low-income families.

How is online ordering service different from the Discount Heating Oil Service?

Both of these programs offer flexible delivery options, access to burner service, and oil at a fair price. They are different in four major ways:

  1. How you order your oil – With Smart Touch Energy, you can order heating oil completely online when you want it, based on your schedule. It is especially easy for one-time deliveries because there are no long-term contracts or obligations to order a second time. You can also set up automatic deliveries.

    The Discount Heating Oil Service pairs you directly with a local, full-service dealer from whom you order oil via phone as often as you like (Will Call service), or you can let the dealer be responsible for maintaining your oil level through automatic deliveries.

  2. The relationship you have with the oil dealer – The online service is designed to get you a quick delivery with a local and reputable dealer. This dealer within Smart Touch Energy’s network will typically make all your deliveries unless Smart Touch Energy needs to add a new dealer in your delivery area. If you are looking for service and delivery from one dealer with whom you have a direct relationship and is currently in Mass Energy’s network, the Discount Heating Oil Service is a better choice.

  3. The relationship Mass Energy has with the oil dealer – Dealers for the online service are managed through Smart Touch Energy. Therefore, Mass Energy does not necessarily have a close relationship with these dealers. We do have long-term relationships with our Discount Heating Oil Service dealers, allowing us to intercede on your behalf if a dispute ever arises between you and your dealer. As a Mass Energy Discount Heating Oil Service member you have access to full customer support regarding your oil service, energy efficiency, our Members Only site, and quarterly newsletters. Online members may contact Mass Energy when issues arise, which will then be forwarded to Smart Touch Energy.

  4. The online ordering service is free to use – There is no membership fee for Smart Touch Energy as with the Discount Heating Oil Service.

Read the FAQs for our Discount Heating Oil Service.

Can I be a member of the Discount Heating Oil Service and order online as well?

No. You can certainly access Smart Touch Energy as a Discount Heating Oil Service member, and you are free to try it out. But because the Discount Heating Oil Service pairs you with a specific dealer who is willing to give you a discount because of a stable dealer-customer relationship, if you take more than two deliveries through Smart Touch Energy, we will contact you to discuss your program preferences. Remember, the membership fee for the Discount Heating Oil Service is non-refundable.

The Discount Heating Oil Service is most effective when members and oil dealers can build a long-term and consistent relationship. Members of this program enjoy years of fair and reliable oil pricing and service from a trusted dealer. Members who regularly order heating oil online cannot continue to be paired with a full-service dealer in our Discount Heating Oil Service.

If during your Discount Heating Oil Service membership you decide that the online ordering service is a better fit— simply contact us at 1-800-287-3950 x4.

Can I order online if I’m receiving automatic deliveries from my current dealer?

Yes, you can order from Smart Touch Energy when you’re on automatic delivery. However, you do have to contact your current heating oil provider to let them know that you would like to switch from Automatic to Will Call. If you do not do this, your current dealer will still show up to fill up your tank whenever they think it is running low. Please note that dealers only provide services to customers who are receiving oil from them. If you have a service contract and you take a delivery from Smart Touch Energy you may be forfeiting services with your current dealer.

Is it free to register for Smart Touch Energy’s online ordering service?

There is no fee for participation. Check prices, register, and use the online ordering tool 24 hours a day, 7 days of the week.

What happens after I place an order for oil?

Just like most online services you’ll receive an e-mail order confirmation, notification of your expected delivery date, and your final delivery confirmation, so you know what to expect. Orders are delivered by the local Smart Touch Energy dealer within 3 business days under normal and operational weather conditions, usually sooner. It is not necessary for you to be home for delivery. A delivery ticket will be left by the driver, as usual, and you will also receive an e-mail delivery confirmation with complete details. If you don’t take as many gallons as you ordered, you only pay for the number of gallons you receive. If there is a difference it will be credited directly to your credit card.

Note: If your heating oil tank is inside, it may be necessary for the Smart Touch Energy dealer to schedule a “first delivery tank inspection” for your safety and protection. The inspection is free and most importantly makes certain that your tank and piping system is in good condition to receive deliveries. The inspection takes only a few minutes and is typically done by the driver at the time of delivery.

How fast is my oil delivered? Is there expedited delivery available?

Your oil will be delivered within 3 business days under normal and operational weather conditions, often sooner. If you are running low on oil and need an emergency delivery, expedited delivery service is available in some areas (just check your order page for that option. An additional charge will be applied). Other premium services may also be available for your town.

Who will actually deliver my oil?

All deliveries are made by a local heating oil company, who has been qualified by Smart Touch Energy to meet delivery, service, safety and insurance standards. Smart Touch Energy dealers have an exclusive delivery territory so normally the same local dealer will make all of your deliveries, unless it becomes necessary to add another dealer due to demand in your area. The name of the dealer who will make your oil delivery is provided when you place your Smart Touch Energy order.

Does Smart Touch Energy have a fixed price program or budget program?

No. Smart Touch Energy’s prices float with the oil market, which is one of the ways they can keep their prices so low. If you’re interested in a budget plan, please check out Mass Energy’s Discount Heating Oil Service.

What if I need less oil than I order? Is there a penalty for over-ordering?

If you don’t take as many gallons as you ordered, you only pay for the number of gallons you receive. Please note that the online ordering service has a minimum delivery of 150 gallons. If you are not on AutoFill and you receive less than 150 gallons, you will be charged a 50 cents premium per gallon.

If there is a problem with my delivery, who do I contact?

Contact Mass Energy at or 617-524-3950 x4, and we will connect you with Smart Touch Energy's customer service for the fastest service.

Do I have to pay for the whole delivery up front?

Yes. It is like shopping at any online store. You order, pay, and then receive.

Can I get my tank primed or serviced through Smart Touch Energy’s online ordering service?

Yes. Simply add these services to your shopping cart as you check out (not available in all areas).

Which communities are not served by Smart Touch Energy's online ordering service?

There are several towns that Smart Touch Energy oil dealers do not serve. You can see if you ton is in Smart Touch Energy territory by checking their price with your zip code.

If this is the case, try our Discount Heating Oil Service.

What if the heating oil price goes up before I get my delivery?

You are guaranteed the price at the time you place your order. So even if the price goes up before your delivery, you will receive the price that was confirmed at the time you place your order.